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Dry Cleaning Services

Harbour Cleaners located in Huntington Harbour offers a wide selection of dry cleaning services, including premium care hand finished service, free pick-up and delivery service, alterations and repairs and much much more. If you don’t see a service you are looking for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help.

Premium Care Hand Finished Service

Hand finished premium cleaning service for delicate, sentimental, or designer garments. We understand when a sweater, a dress, or even a hat has a special place in your heart. Harbour Cleaners hand finished services provide that extra level of protection. So you can continue to wear that favorite sweater or cocktail dress time and time again.

Free Pick Up and Delivery Service

House Call!!! Harbour Cleaners Dry Cleaning Service makes it convenient to work around your busy schedule. Harbour Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery services for added convenience. We want you to do whatever it is you do best, we also want you to look your best. Contact us today about Pick Up and Delivery options and make Harbour Cleaners your premier dry cleaning service provider.

Alterations and Repairs

Full garment repair and alteration service. Need a button re-sewn on a blouse, how about your favorite jeans patched up? Harbour Cleaners Full Service Garment Repairs and Alterations makes life simple by providing professional repair and alteration services. Harbour Cleaners can handle original hems, take in or let out all types of clothing as desired, even shortening or lengthening, and much much more…

We Use Firbimatic Dry Cleaning Technology

Firbimatic offers a complete line of Industrial Perc and Hydrocarbon dry-cleaning machines for a wide variety of cleaning applications from Commercial Laundries to tanneries. Wash modules are available in 130lb. and 176lb. and can be arranged as a stand alone units or in multiples depending on the installation requirements. Industrial dry-cleaning machines are overbuilt to withstand the rugged requirements of dry-cleaning a variety of items over multiple shifts with little downtime.

Video Tour Firbimatic Dry Cleaning Technology Plant

Here, at Harbour Cleaners we only use the best in Dry Cleaning Technology. Firbimatic Industrial and Commercial Dry Cleaning machines are specially designed for many different types of cleaning applications to include leathers, furs, pelts, hides, printer rags, industrial gloves, and work-wear made of cotton, polyester, and leather. Each machine is custom built to each customers specifications to ensure the proper cleaning and final finished product. Visit for more information.

Additional Services

  • Corporate Shirt Laundry Service

    Harbour Cleaners provides cotton and poly cotton shirts laundered, starched and pressed. Providing a clean and professional corporate image.

  • Designer Clothing

    Gentle hand finished service for delicate designer garments.

  • Wedding Dresses & Ball Gowns

    At Harbour Cleaners our specialized service for wedding dresses and ball gowns include meticulous, hand-finished cleaning and pressing with our renowned attention to detail. Your wedding dress or ball gown will be carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and elegantly placed in a purpose designed protective box for long term storage and preservation.

  • Leather and Suede Care

    Our highly specialized cleaning services can handle the most delicate of leather and suede materials.

  • Furnature Covers and Home or Business Furnishings

    Harbour Cleaners can handle any job large or small. Cushion covers, throw covers, table clothes, etc. Whether it’s home or business furnishings we have you covered!

  • Duvets covers, blankets, comforters, rugs, etc...

    There is no dry cleaning or laundry service task Harbour Cleaners can’t handle.

  • Dry CLeaning Technology

    We provide the latest, most advanced cleaning process which is odorless, clean, and a fresh environmentally friendly cleaning. This produces a softer and cleaner finished garment.

What others are saying about Harbour Cleaners

Ann N.

We moved to the area a little while back and had to find a new dry cleaners.  There are a few dry cleaners in the area (but then again isn’t this always the case) and Harbour Cleaners got some good Yelp reviews so I decided to check them out.  The people here are really nice–the guy even brought all my dry cleaning out to my car for me when I came to pick it up!

Oh–I also had them dry clean and box up my wedding dress and they did a great job with this regardless of the fact that the dress had been sitting in my closet for almost a year after our wedding (don’t judge me!).  The price was a lot less expensive than what my old dry cleaners quoted me too!  The dress is back to sitting in my closet, but at least this time it is clean and in a pretty box.  Anyone looking for a wedding dress…? :P

Ann N.Yelper
"The Man"

Great location with fast friendly service. I wouldn’t think to use another cleaner! If you are new to the area don’t risk using another cleaner. If you need something altered you’ll have to show up early in the day but you’ll be very glad you did. I always know everything will be perfect!!

"The Man"YelperFunkyInc
"To yelp, or not to yelp..."

I recently was in OC for something else, and brought my laundry that some other dry cleaners fouled up.  These guys took care of me COMPLETELY.  I wish they’d open a location closer to my current address.

Thank you Harbor Cleaners for consistent quality work and great pricing.  I finally found a barber in the LA area who can do a fade, but when it comes to dry cleaners, this is the only place I want to bring my suits to…and I will if I have trips to OC planned in the future.

"To yelp, or not to yelp..."YelperZax
Ute "Utilicious" G.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re aWe found this place due to recommendations here on yelp. Even though there are five or six cleaners closer to our home we chose this one. We bring all our dry cleaning here and they always do a fantastic job. They remember our name and how my husband likes his shirts starched.
Since I’m pretty short I need to get all my pants and dresses hemed. And I have to say alterations here are great. Neatly done and at a more than fair price.  I can highly recommend this cleaner. Friendly and very professional work all around. full-blown code warrior, our themes will make your site look as pretty as a peach and function like a well-oiled machine.

Ute "Utilicious" G.YelperO.S
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